Consumer Behaviour is Shifting

Reinforce your organisation’s corporate social responsibility and improve your bottom line sustainably with TreeTime

of consumers are already choosing their brands due to their environmental values

of consumers believe companies could be doing more to help them make decisions that improve environmental outcomes

of US consumers say they’ve cancelled a brand in the past 12 months because of ethical or sustainability concerns

"It is no longer acceptable to simply say your business is acting in favour of the environment. You must now prove to your customer exactly how you are taking action towards the environment."

Show your customers...

Where your trees are planted

Each tree you plant is assigned a unique BarkCodeTM, this allows you to access your exact planting coordinates and identify each individual tree!

How many trees you've planted

Your dashboard highlights your main achievements, which can be easily shared by enabling public profile mode and embedding into your own website!

Total CO2 Sequestered

Your dashboard also highlights the total CO2 captured by your trees. This can also be seen broken down into daily activities under the CO2 tab.

Lovely things, awesome businesses have said about us...

"...I try to live as sustainably as possible and use my social platforms to inspire; this seemed to be the perfect way to inspire others and show that their Yoga membership was making a difference. The app addressed the big question of '...but how will I make a difference?!' by showing users 'their' tree and the CO2 sequestered."

Hannah Saunders

Owner, Hannah Saunders Yoga

"...We also like the concept of knowing where our trees are being planted and being able to keep a track on them over the decades to come. We saw the opportunity to combine individual ways of making a difference into a greater impact by giving trees to staff. Our people have been appreciative of the gesture and are enjoying the app immensely."

Linda Dodge

Head of Communications,
The Building Intelligence Group

"TreeTime is made up of an honest-hardworking staff, which is directly channeled into all the work they do. Their transparent, unique take on environmental action is what we need to see and support more of as a global population. The Flutter Folk is vocal in our support of a number of charities and upstanding organisations, so we're proud to be able to add TreeTime to our repertoire of good-doing collaborators!"

Khalela Romano

Managing Director, The Flutter Folk

TreeTime Meets the Credibility Gap

It doesn't matter where the trees are planted, climate change has no boundaries. Your tree/s will be planted with legal protection and covenants against felling in New Zealand. A country with a rule of law that is unsurpassed. Your tree will be allocated a unique BarkCode™. Using our drone software, you will be sent regular photos & coordinates of your exact tree. Via TreeTime's web and app-based solution, you can share your commitment to sustainability and build trust with your customers.

“The threat of cancellation has moved far beyond the realms of TV, and firmly onto the agendas of business leaders. By embracing impact transparency, you can ensure you are able to control your own storyline”

- Jessi Baker MBE

Managing the risks of Greenwashing

Measurable Impact + Proof + Transparency = Risk Elimination for your Business

A Rising Problem

A rise in discursive green marketing practices is the growth of greenwashing; companies providing irrelevant, exaggerated or false information regarding a product’s sustainable qualities.

Don't just take our word for it

We show you and your customers all of that important information that shows exactly how you’re doing right by the environment. The proof as always is in the pudding!

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We recognise we aren't the right fit for every business but we implore you to ask your chosen tree planting organisation the following questions...

Do you plant seeds or seedlings?

Are your trees maintained after planting?

Is my tree permanently protected against felling?

Will my donation result in an additional tree?

Is the species you plant, ideal for the location?

Do you release your financial records?

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