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Planted at our Southland Site

Attenuata X

The Attenuata X is a pine hybrid with rapid growth qualities and high carbon storage. It’s sterile and doesn’t spread its seed. In 80-100 years, the hybrids will naturally diminish and be replaced by regenerating native forest. While this tree is included in the Southland site, we are now focused solely on native offerings.


Harakeke is one of New Zealand’s most distinctive native plants. It has long, upright, often stiff leaves which can reach up to 4metres in length. The black flower stalks can grow up to 5 metres tall and the dull red, nectar-filled flowers attract masses of birds in kōanga/spring, particularly tūī and korimako.


Tarata, or Pittosporum eugenioides, is a species of New Zealand native evergreen tree. Growing to 12 m (39 ft) tall by 5 m (16 ft) broad, it is conical when young but more rounded in shape when mature.


Beech trees have broadleaves and can grow quite high. This makes them an excellent option for carbon capture.


The flower of the Manuka tree is what gives Manuka honey it’s healing properties. It is fast growing and will nurse the slower growing canopy trees.

Our First Site

(we hope of many!)

Our first site is located in the Southland Region of the South Island of New Zealand. It is around a 20 minutes drive from Te Anau, the starting point of two of the great New Zealand walks - the Kepler and Milford tracks.

The site is 1.7ha large, with space for 4000 trees to be planted. On this site, we have planted 1000 Attenuata X hybrids, interspersed with Manuka, Pittosporums, Beech, and Flax in the damper areas. The site is predominantly native (moving forward we only offer native plantings), and will regenerate over the next 100-150 years into dense native microforest.

Fun fact – many Lord of the Rings scenes were filmed nearby, notably the river scenes after the fellowship leave Lothlorien and sail past the Argonath.

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Trees Donated

Carbon Capture

Extra Biodiversity

Potential   10,692,320 kgs   of CO2 sequestration over 30 years, which is equivalent to...

KMs in 2021 Ford Focus
KMs in Boeing 747-400 (per person)
KWh of Electricity Generated
Trips to Space

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