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New Zealand is home to wide array of endemic tree species that support unique native flora and fauna. A temperate and wet climate promote tree growth and reduce risk of wildfires. By donating with us, you are planting an additional native tree that will be maintained and protected. You will be able to view photos of your tree, carbon stats and monitor its progress on the ‘our sites’ page.

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Meet The Trees


Arguably the best-known native trees in New Zealand. Its brilliant yellow flower is the unofficial flower of New Zealand too.

Height: 25 meteres
Life Span: Over 400 years


Harakeke is one of New Zealand’s most distinctive native plants. It has long, upright, often stiff leaves, while its nectar-filled flowers attract tui and korimako in kōanga/spring.

Height: Up to 5 meters
Life Span: 80 - 100 years


Tarata, or Pittosporum eugenioides, is a species of New Zealand native evergreen tree. It is conical when young but more rounded in shape when mature./p>

Height: Up to 12 meters
Life Span: Up to 800 years

Beech Varieties

Beech trees have broadleaves and can grow quite high. This makes them an excellent option for carbon capture.

Height: Up to 30 meteres
Life Span: 500 - 600 years


One of the longest-living tree species in the world, these giants can live to over 1,000 years! Perfect for long-term carbon store.

Height: Over 50 meters
Life Span: Over 1,000 years


The most widely spread conifer species in New Zealand. Another impressive species that can live for many hundreds of years.

Height: Up to 50 meters
Life Span: Over 1,000 years


Like Manuka, Kanuka is perfect for revegetating and rewilding bare sloped land.

Height: Up to 25 meters
Life Span: Up to 150 years


With quirky prickly leaves that grow to 2.5cm in length, the Totara is very distinctive. And takes over 100 years to reach its peak height!

Height: Up to 30 meters
Life Span: Over 800 years


The flower of the Manuka tree is what gives Manuka honey it’s healing properties. It is fast growing and will nurse the slower growing canopy trees.

Height: Up to 15 meters
Life Span: Over 60 years


The Puriri tree blossoms beautiful pink flowers year-round, but their floral displays are particularly impressive from late autumn to early spring.

Height: Up to 20 meters
Life Span: Up to 500 years

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