Empowering everyday people and organisations around the world to help combat climate change and loss of biodiversity. Ultimately, helping to save our planet.

Who are we?

TreeTime non-profit was founded in 2020 by a team of millennials passionate about leaving this planet and our country in a better state than we found it. The TreeTime platform was created to bring transparency to the donation process, and empower people to plant trees with certainty that their contribution is making a difference. TreeTime aims to act as a vehicle through which individuals can take the power into their own hands when combatting climate change.


TreeTime shares an established belief that to overcome climate change we must reduce, mitigate, and adapt our behaviour. Our tree-planting interface focuses on the second aspect, making the mitigation of the impact of existing carbon emissions accessible, affordable and transparent.


While the above encapsulates our mission, our mantra is to create a healthy connection between humans and our planet. By providing constant updates of their tree and carbon sequestration, TreeTime aims to improve the mental health of our users and tether them to nature.


We hope you enjoy our platform, which has been put together by our passionate founders, with assistance from some of the top forestry professionals in New Zealand.


Join us in the fight to save our planet!

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