Empowering everyday people and organisations around the world to help combat climate change and loss of biodiversity. Ultimately, helping to save our planet.

Danni Rushby

Marketing Lead

"I strongly believe no one can be perfect, but I do believe we can all try our very best each day to make a difference, no matter how small or big."

Nick Muir

Ceo & Founder

"It's not too late to reverse the devastation humans have caused this planet. Go ahead and tree yourself!"

Pierce Miller

Front End Developer

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will do it."

The best time to plant a tree, was 20 years ago.
The second best time, is now.

Who are we?

TreeTime was founded by a team of millennials passionate about leaving this planet and our country in a better state than we found it. The TreeTime platform was created to bring transparency to the donation process, and empower people to plant trees with certainty that their contribution is making a difference. As opposed to the traditional charitable model of a blind donation to an organisation, TreeTime aims to act as a vehicle through which individuals can take the power into their own hands when combatting climate change.


TreeTime shares an established belief that to overcome climate change we must reduce, mitigate, and adapt our behaviour. Our tree-planting interface focuses on the second aspect, making the mitigation of the impact of existing carbon emissions accessible, affordable and transparent.


While the above encapsulates our mission, our mantra is to create a healthy connection between humans and our planet. By providing features in our app that make the process fun and educational, in addition to constant updates of their tree and carbon sequestration, TreeTime aims to improve the mental health of our users and tether them to nature.


We hope you enjoy our platform, which has been painstakingly put together by our passionate founders, as well as the top software and forestry professionals in New Zealand.


Join us in the fight to save our planet!

Software Engineers: "We are Transformative. A bunch of clever Kiwis transforming clever organisations through digital thinking and technology. We help organisations create positive change by discovering, designing, and delivering their digital advantage.


Our tailored digital transformation programme sets a new strategic vision for your business and our development team delivers technology that moves you towards it. The apps, websites, and integrations we create open new markets, reimagine business as usual, and create exceptional experiences for staff and customers."

See How It Works...

QA Consultants: "Quality Assurance professionals Shane Hewson and Jon McPhee founded Qual IT in 2004 after they saw an opportunity to deliver open, honest, no surprises QA solutions in the New Zealand market.


Since then, Qual IT has provided IT Quality Assurance services to some of New Zealand’s largest and most successful organisations and grown into a company with a client list of over 80 organisations across NZ and overseas, covering most industry sectors and with a team of over 240 permanent and contract QA professionals."

Ecology Consultants

Forestry Managers

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