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with TreeTime

Your public profile is your proof of commitment to the protection of our planet and the additionality of trees… without you, these trees would never have been planted!

Showcase Your Trees

Straight onto your own website, showcasing the contribution you are doing to your customers

Suggested Width

A width of at least 80% would be ideal to experience the perfect view to show case your trees, straight onto your website.

Suggested Height

Just like the width, the height will be set at a default of 100% of the given area. We recommend to give a minimum height of at least 750px to really show off your trees to everyone.

Utilise Your Public Profile in 5 Easy Steps

Open the Web App, head to to create your TreeTime account. You can also download on the Google or Apple.

Select 'more' in the menu bar and then select 'share'

Use the slider to turn on public mode

Copy the link underneath the public profile option

Embed this link into your website and begin sharing with your customers

There are several excellent reasons to integrate tree planting into your business; to build instant trust with your customers, set an example within your industry, and build lasting customer relationships

Next Steps...



Speak to us about the best options for your organisation.



Select your preferred payment, whether thats a % of your monthly profit to TreeTime or setting up a recurring monthly donation.



We setup your chosen method of working with TreeTime.



Choose to sign up on our phone or web app.



Start planting trees and watch them grow!

You can also gift trees to your staff, either through the app or alternatively if you have too many staff members to do individual donations, you can use our free automated system!

Don't want to commit to a monthly plan?

That's okay, you can also plant trees on the go, whenever you please through the app or using the button below...

Wanting to Find Out More?

Drop us a Message!

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