How does the app work?

In one word, seamlessly. Donate real, large canopy trees in New Zealand within seconds, chosen for rapid carbon capture and biodiversity. The best part is you can follow their journey and location all the way. It's never been so easy to do your part from anywhere in the world!

1. Welcome to TreeTime!

Welcome to the TreeTime App! You can either create an account, or plant trees straight away and create an account later.

2. Create Your TreeTime Account!

Create your own account by entering a few simple details and you’ll be on your way.

3. Plant Trees

Choose to plant trees for Carbon Capture or Extra Biodiversity, by selecting plant in the menu bar or the plus icon within your dashboard.

4. Gift to a Loved One

This works the same as planting, just simply choose ‘gift’ at the bottom of the donation page and you’ll be able to add your recipients name, email, and a little gift message. The perfect way to celebrate a special occasion.

5. See Your Trees

Here’s the best part. Once you have planted your tree, you can see your tree list on your dashboard, which is under the tree’s icon within the menu bar.

Your carbon capture trees, and biodiversity trees have unique identifiable icons, and you can see the CO2 sequestered by each tree!

6. View Your Trees on an Interactive Map

On the bottom right corner of the dashboard, you can enable an interactive map showcasing the location of all your beautiful trees.

7. See Individual Trees!

Within each tree you can update your tree name. Perfect if you want to name your tree after someone, perhaps a loved one or a staff member.

You can see your tree’s developmental stage, plus an interactive map with your tree’s exact location!

8. Check Out Your CO2 Stats

By selecting CO2 within your dashboard, you can see your CO2 statistics and how they correlate to everyday activities, such as flying or eating cheese!

9. Share Your Achievements

Don’t keep your efforts to yourself, share to social media by navigating to the more option in the menu bar and selecting share!

You can also share your in-app notifications too! You can collect additional leaf points by using your referral link, which can be found in the same spot.

10. Compete on the Leaderboard

See the top 20 profiles, and how you stack up against them! Your ranking is determined through leaf points (which can be found against your username in your dashboard).

Leaf points are collected through planting, gifting, and reaching crucial milestones!

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