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TreeTime is a non-profit organisation that allows you to donate money that will be applied to the planting of real trees though the mobile app interface. Each donation of NZD$9 will fund the planting of one tree. We call the tree you have funded ‘your tree’. Once you fund the planting of your tree through the app, TreeTime will source a seedling, grow it in its nursery, and plant the tree on land owned by TreeTime.

You will receive a unique identifying code for your tree, or BarkCode TM, that will show you on a GPS embedded map exactly where your tree is planted. You will also be able to monitor the seedling/nursery stage, as well as receive regular photo updates of your tree in order to track its growth. In addition to the above, the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) feature of the app will update you on a daily basis as to how much CO2 your tree has sequestered.

There are many. First, we offer additionality. This means that without your contribution, your tree would not be planted.

Second, TreeTime is a non-profit based on transparency. You will be able to view the status of your tree through the app, and follow its journey from a small seed all the way through to a large tree! Once your tree is strong enough to be planted, TreeTime uses patented drone software to deliver photos of the exact tree via the unique BarkCode TM associated with that tree on your app.

Third, using economies of scale we can plant your tree and maintain it for 50 years or more without any additional contributions from you for only NZD$9. Because TreeTime takes no profit margin, the future planting price may change subject to fluctuations in underlying costs.

Fourth, New Zealand enjoys mild climate conditions and year-round rainfall, with severe weather events being a rarity. The temperature seldom rises above 30 degrees Celsius/86 Fahrenheit and is on average well below that, so forest fires are uncommon. We believe trees planted via the TreeTime app will have a survival rate as good as anywhere else in the world and better than most places.

You will receive photos of your trees until the year 2070. The length of time between photos depends on the age of your tree. We will update photos based on the following age brackets of your tree:

0-10 years: every 6 months

10-50 years: every 1 year

TreeTime will lower the frequency of photo updates because of the slower growth rates of your tree as it matures. For example, a Douglas fir’s growth rate during a 6 month period when it is 25 years old will be indiscernible to the naked eye. We do not want to add unnecessary cost and this is reflected the initial planting price.

TreeTime’s founders are passionate about mitigating the severe effects of climate change and limiting CO2 emissions to the greatest extent possible. We created the app in order to facilitate a global effort to save the planet! As such, the shareholders have put in place legal safeguards to ensure that no profit is ever paid out, and any surplus reinvested into tackling climate change.

The key legal safeguards are available to view on the website. No dividends can ever be paid out to Tree Time Foundation’s owners, or anyone else.

Further, TreeTime engages a major accounting firm to prepare accounts and ensure all payments are arms-length and made at market rates. These accounts will be publicly available on our website so that you can see where your money has been allocated. If you want to know more, feel free to get in touch.

What you have is the assurance that the tree you can see on your screen is the tree your donation has funded, and it remains unique to your profile on the app. Your tree cannot be claimed to anyone else as the BarkCode TM is unique to you and your tree.

In the legal sense, the Tree Time Foundation Limited owns the trees, so neither you nor anyone else can come onto the land and cut it down. This is also because the trees are covenanted so that they cannot be felled, by TreeTime or anyone else (i.e. are permanent forests).

TreeTime strongly supports the planting of trees, whether done through the app or done privately, providing they contribute to fighting climate change. What TreeTime offers is 1) Additionality (assurance that your donation equates to an additional tree); 2) planting in one of the strongest rule of law countries in the world (assurance your tree will be protected); and 3) economies of scale, meaning you can plant a robust tree through the app at a more affordable price than doing it yourself.

If you have land available in climatic conditions conducive to tree-planting, we encourage you to educate yourself via the planting process on the app and try it out for yourself! TreeTime’s goal is planting trees and mitigating the effects of climate change, no matter who does this.

The TreeTime vision is predicated on transparency. If you donate money with TreeTime towards mitigating the effects of climate change, you can see how your money is spent. This was the vision that resulted in the TreeTime app.

Not only will you be able to see the exact planting location and photos of your tree on the app, TreeTime will also publish its financials on our website for all to see. Further, TreeTime operates out of New Zealand which constantly ranks top in the world in business transparency. Finally, the TreeTime founders have extensive legal experience, so you can have comfort that all local regulations are being complied with.

TreeTime differentiates itself based on transparency and user-friendliness. When you donate a tree with us, you can see where your donation goes and that your tree meets requirements of longevity and additionality. TreeTime’s financials will be publicly available online.

TreeTime is also passionate about providing a user-friendly interface, making tree-planting accessible and enabling everyday people like yourself who are concerned about the environment and its impact on their lives and that of their family to contribute towards mitigating climate change.

We also aim for the TreeTime app to be educational by providing information on CO2, and allowing you to view the amounts of CO2 you have sequestered with reference to everyday activities, such as transport, eating and even getting into space!

Absolutely not. Once we plant your trees, we will register a covenant on the title of the land prohibiting the felling of the tree. What this means is that the tree can never be legally cut down, by TreeTime or anyone else. Due to the strong rule of law in New Zealand, you can have a high level of assurance that the legal status of the tree will be protected in perpetuity.

Your tree will likely be planted in the South Island of New Zealand. This is due to the favourable planting conditions of the area. The mild temperatures, year-round rainfall and lack of extreme weather events will ensure your tree has the best possible chance of survival or at least for your lifetime and your children after you!.

As the Earth has one atmosphere, it does not matter where trees are planted in the battle against climate change, only that they are planted and CO2 is sequestered!

Absolutely not! We encourage planting as many trees as possible. Every tree planted is a step in the right direction in the battle against climate change.

TreeTime uses economies of scale to plant and maintain trees at a far lower cost than it would be for a consumer to carry out the activity individually.

The vast majority of your donation will go towards the initial planting of your tree, including land costs, nursery costs and planting costs.

TreeTime makes a small provision for administrative and maintenance costs, such as weeding, and for relaying your photos in the future. The software process is fully automated, so the only costs involved with photographing your trees is for a single TreeTime employee to periodically launch our drones over our forests and relay that footage to our server.

We also make a small provision for the very few trees which unfortunately don’t survive the planting process. This is to ensure that consumers like yourself receive an additional tree in this scenario.

Once your tree has survived the first 2-3 years post-planting, there is very little maintenance required. This is because the trees are planted permanently, so there is no need to prune the trees or do anything else that would traditionally prepare a tree for harvesting.

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