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What is a TreeTime public profile?

Here's what your customers can see when you enable your public profile...

Public Profile

Let your customers see your achievements with our public profile option

Corporate Badge

Do you have a physical address your customers can visit? We have large stickers available to those who plant over 100 trees

Impress New Customers

Plug your TreeTime stats and profile into your website, so that any of your customers visiting your website can view your good work!

Donated Trees

Let your customers see how well you are doing in planting trees, while showcasing the total CO2 sequestered by your trees.

Dynamic CO2 Stats

The cumulative CO2 sequestered by your trees will update on your app daily. You can compare your total CO2 sequestered with everyday activities, such as transport, food and even a trip to space!


Highlight within your on-site blog showcasing your awesome work on what your organisation is doing to combat climate change.

It is no longer acceptable to simply say your business is acting in favour of the environment...

Since 2019, 11%...

...more consumers reported shifting their purchases of core products based on environmental claims


...of consumers are already choosing their brands due to their environmental values


...of consumers believe companies could be doing more to help them make decisions that improve environmental outcomes

Check out "Why It Matters" for more information...

Next Steps...

Step 1: CHAT

Speak to us about the best options for your organisation

Step 2: CHOOSE

Select your preferred payment, whether thats a % of your monthly profit to TreeTime or setting up a reoccurring monthly donation.

Step 3: SETUP

We setup your chosen method of working with TreeTime


Download our phone app or use the web app

Step 5: CREATE

Create your TreeTime account


Start planting trees and watch them grow!

Don't want to commit to a monthly plan?

That's okay, you can also plant trees on the go, whenever you please through the app or using the button below...

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