11 Most Haunted Forests in the World

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11 Most Haunted Forests in the World

With Halloween just around the corner, it felt only fitting we take a look at haunted forests from around the globe.

Whether you’re a believer of the paranormal or not, we can probably all agree these forests are simply terrifying.


We would also like to add a trigger warning, as some topics such as suicide are discussed within this post. Please read at your own discretion.

Highgate Cemetery

1. Highgate Cemetery, London

From vampires to exploding coffins, this London Cemetery is a hot spot for ghostly goings on.


The Highgate Cemetery in London is one of the UK’s largest cemeteries with over 170,000 burials onsite. There’s no surprise it tops most haunted forest lists.


People have reported seeing men dressed in dark robes performing rituals at this site. As well as demonic red eyes glaring at them through the trees.


A resident vampire is at the centre of most discussion around Highgate Cemetery. Drawing in journalists and enthusiasts from across the country, and even the world. His presence is noted by a sudden drop in temperature and reportedly making clocks to stop.

Black Forest Germany

2. Black Forest, Germany

The black forest in Germany was the source of inspiration for many Brothers Grimm tales. Many of which you would have heard of, such as, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.


The myths of this unique woodland are plentiful. From rumours of a headless horseman, and a king that kidnaps women.


It gains its creepy name as when the forest was drawn many years ago, the trees were so tightly packed they were not drawn. The forest was simply black. Local residents deemed the haunted forest unliveable.

Japan Suicide Forest

Trigger Warning: 3. Aokigahara Forest, Japan (Suicide Forest)

Aokigahara Forest has foliage that is so luscious and thick, it is known as ‘the sea of trees.’ Sweeping for over 13sq miles.


But the stories behind the forest are dark and incredibly irksome.


Aokigahara is known as the suicide hotspot of the world, claiming around 100 lives per year.


The foliage is so thick that many bodies are never discovered and forever lost to this forest at the base of Mount Fuji.


Photo credit – https://www.japantimes.co.jp/life/2011/06/26/general/inside-japans-suicide-forest/

The Devils Tramping Ground

4. The Devil's Tramping Ground, North Carolina

Located in Chatham County, North Carolina, this bizarre patch of land feels more like a force of nature. One which appears to defy logic and science.


Whilst vegetation grows thick and healthy around the Devil’s Tramping Ground the circle itself is barren.


Many attempts have been made to grow foliage in this area and all have failed.


Visitors frequenting the area have placed sticks and other items into the ground within the circle. However, mysteriously by morning the objects have always been misplaced and removed.


Perhaps they will find a reasonable explanation for the goings on here. Or, we will have to accept some other worldly experience is occurring.




Photo credit – https://www.discovery.com/exploration/7-of-the-world-s-most-haunted-forests-pictures

Piha Haunted coastline

5. Piha Coast and Forests – Waitakere Ranges National Park

New Zealand isn’t ordinarily notorious for haunted happenings or haunted forests. But this small stretch of forest has a dark past with many unexplainable and creepy disappearances.


Since 1992, six people have vanished from this area. All in the same odd manner.


With strong currents and unforgiving riptides, Piha has suffered many losses over the years. Local police are able to use this information to see where riptides return those pulled out to sea. This is what makes the Piha disappearances even more eerie. As almost all show up on Piha beach or a little further down.


The six missing people in questions completely vanished, with no sign of what happened to them or where they went.


People say the town is haunted by Te Ahua o Hinerangi’s daughter. It is said you can see her ghostly figure staring out to sea from the cliffs.


The area is steeped in tragedy and spooky tales. Are these events coincidences or something more sinister?

Isla de Las Munecas Mexico

6. Isla de las Munecas, Mexico

If decaying dolls tied to trees wasn’t enough to scare you. The past of Isla de las Munecas is truly something of nightmares.


The tradition of the dolls surfaced when a resident of Xochimilco uprooted and moved to Isla de las Munecas. Shortly after arriving at his new home, he made the terrible discovery. He found a young girl floating face down in a lake, her doll drifting down the canal nearby.


He hung the doll in respect to the young girl. Over the years he became somewhat obsessed with appeasing her spirit, continued to attach dolls to the trees by the masses.


Eventually, years later, when Julian Santana Barrera died, he was found, yup, that’s right, drowned in the canal. Taking this story full circle.


Was the girl real, and did he have a proper grip on reality? We will never know. But, we can agree this place is enough to give anyone the heeby jeeby’s.

Wynchwood Forest

7. Wychwood Forest, UK

Located in the idyllic region of The Cotswolds, UK. Usually known for its historic architecture and cute tea shops, this haunted forest really jus’s up the to-do list.


When visiting this area people have felt disembodied hands touch them on the shoulder.


Most notably the Earl of Leicester’s wife, Amy Robsart is thought to haunt the forest. Many speculated she was murdered by her husband, although he claimed she had fallen down the stairs.


Legend goes, if you see her, your death is imminent.


Photo taken from – https://www.today.com/money/worlds-most-haunted-forests-spook-travelers-1C6420004

Wynchwood Haunted Forest

8. Dering (screaming) woods

Often referred to as ‘the screaming woods’, another UK chart topper for ghostly goings on.


Visitors of the woods have reported hearing blood curdling screaming in the depths of the forest late at night. As well as hearing disembodied footsteps.


The screams have been thought to be a highway man who was killed in the 18th century in this area.


Another theory is that the ghosts acquainting screaming woods are from a massacre that occurred in 1948, claiming 20 lives. No cause of death could be determined.



Photo taken from – https://worldtoptop.com/top-haunted-forests-united-kingdom/

Crater Lake National Park

9. Crater Lake National Park, US

Crater Lake is breathtakingly beautiful. Owning the clearest and cleanest waters within the US.


You would never think this would be an area with such horrifying legends.


A tourist attraction in its own rights, is a floating tree that roams Crater Lake waters ‘The Old Man of the Lake’. Standing perfectly upright and having no business doing so. Experts and scientists have studied the phenomenon, with no clear answers as to why this is happening.


Aside from odd floating trees, legend says two spirits named Llao and Skell fought battles at this lake. Llao ripped Skells heart right out of his chest. Skell them dismembered Llao, throwing his body parts into the lake for a monster of the lake to devour.



Photo taken from – https://arbordayblog.org/holiday/6-haunted-forests-perfect-thrills/

Long Trail Haunted Forest

10. Long trail – Bennington, Vermont

This location has everything; bigfoot sightings, UFO’s, disappearances and ghosts.


10 people disappeared between 1920 and 1950, never to be seen again. This has frightened many to believe there is more than what meets the eye at this beautiful hiking spot. Terrifying people from venturing within its trees.


Is this area cursed, or simply a hot spot for strange happenings? We’re not sure but you can read more about these strange disappearances here. To decide if you think this haunted forest is truly in the grips of the paranormal.

Bickling Haunted forest

11. Great Wood, Bickling, UK

This was the home to Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII.


It is rumoured that on occasion you can spot headless Anne wandering the grounds of Great Wood in Bickling. She is said to have a presence on the anniversary of her execution, May 19th.


Anne’s brother was also subjected to the horrors of King Henry VIII. He can be seen gliding around the grounds of Bickling. With an area so rich is dark history, it’s unsurprising many believe it to be haunted.


Photo sourced – https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/lists/haunted-forests-and-spooky-woods




We hope this gave you goosebumps galore, and made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.


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Have a safe and happy Halloween!!

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