Tree Planting App of the Future: New Updates now Available

tree planting app

Tree Planting App of the Future: New Updates now Available

In the blink of an eye our tree planting app is all grown up.


With better features, more tree options, easier donations flows and better visibility for businesses.


In February 2021 our MVP app  launched, making tree planting more accessible and easier than ever before. With our fully transparent and honest service you can trust.


With large ambitions for TreeTime App, there was no time wasted in firing quickly into version 2 developments. After all, combatting climate change needn’t be a dull affair! We’ve tinkered and we’ve tailored to deliver an even more fun experience! From October 19th 2021, V2 will be available!

treetime app

What’s changing?

The short of it – a lot!


We always knew going into V2 it wasn’t going to be a half-hearted effort.


We have listened to what you, our users have been asking for.


And we’re happy to say, we have delivered! Making our tree planting app even more dynamic and climate-change-busting than before.


Let’s dive into our updates…



Treetime dashboard

Improved Dashboard View

The dashboard now has better graphics, updated images and a whole new feel. Your tree types are now grouped, making navigating your trees (especially when you have many) a more fluid process.

map of your trees

Map View

You now have two dashboard options, the standard list view as explained above and now the map view.


The map view will point to either where your tree will be planted or where it has been planted, depending on which stage of your tree development cycle you are in! You’ll see a bit further along in this post, what this means.

tree planting app

Protected Biodiversity

The big one!


In addition to planting trees, you can now protected existing old-growth forest too.


$3NZD will allow you to covenant 50ft2 of forest. You will receive photos and coordinates of your protected grove, just like you would your planted trees!


This feature is coming very soon. Stay tuned.

Manuka tree

More Native Trees now on Offer

Increasing our offering of Native trees is an important step to ensure we can plant across the entire of New Zealand. As well as adding even more biodiversity.


To enable the planting of more native trees, this required us to update the app functionality and flow (a little more on this in the next point). However, we are over the moon with how it looks and hope you are too. 


Some of the trees you can expect to be assigned after donation are; Kauri, Silver Beech, Mountain Beech, Kowhai, Totara, Rimu, Puriri, Manuka, plus more!

individual view of a tree

New Stage Development Flow

The previous flow after donation would progress from ‘seed’ > ‘nursery’ > ‘planted’ > ‘mature’.


However, with multiple tree offerings now in place (which are assigned dependent on your planting site). It makes this process very difficult to use.


Once you have chosen to donate to either carbon capture or extra biodiversity, your stage development moves straight into donation processed. From there it will then move into ‘site allocation’ > ‘tree allocation’ > ‘planted’.


This allows us the time to correctly match an available site with the right tree.


As always, our main priority is to do right by the environment, and the new flow allows us the space to do just that.

Apple pay and google pay icons

Apple and Google Pay now Available

We understand sometimes it’s fiddly and annoying to have to locate your bank card when you want to make a payment, or donation in our case.


We have worked hard to integrate Apple and Google pay into our donation page. Making donations even easier.

Plant a tree with treetime

Improved graphics

You may notice a few dazzly new graphics when you enter the app.

With new loading pages, welcome page and better photos and icons across the whole app!



Updates for Businesses

Create an account with treetime

Identify that you’re a business

Upon account creation you can now tell us that you’re a business by selecting the ‘I’m a business’ toggle.

Don’t worry if you miss it during this step, you can always head to your settings to update at a later time.

This allows other areas of the app, such as the leaderboard to function with corporate accounts in mind.

treetime leaderboard

Business Leaderboard

We didn’t feel it was fair to continue allowing individuals to compete with businesses on the leaderboard.

By separating the two, you will see how you stack up against other organisations planting trees and protecting forests through TreeTime.


share on treetime

Embed onto Your Website

This we are incredibly excited about.


You can now copy code from our share screen that will enable you to embed an iFrame onto your own website. Meaning, you can showcase your TreeTime Map or Profile dashboard.


Show your customers your hard work, without them navigating away from your page.


Don’t worry, you can still copy the link to your public profile if you would prefer to do it that way.


person using phone

Why so many changes?

There’s no better feedback, than from the people using our tree planting app!


You spoke, we listened.


We hear you, you want to plant more native species.


This was a goal of ours too for a long time too, of course as a non-profit we have our limitations during MVP launch.


With that said, V2 seemed like the right time to include more native tree options!


But to do this, and do it right, we have to make a few more fundamental updates to the app, such as the stage development flow. Which we really hope you like!


You have also been crying out for the protection of old-growth forest and biodiversity. And once again we couldn’t agree more. With the mass deforestation issues occurring worldwide, it has never been more important to protect what we have right now.


We have expanded our tree planting app to cater for the protection of biodiversity. Every $3NZD will allow you to covenant 50ft2 of old growth forest.


In addition, we feel it is so important that we create a platform that businesses can utilise to show their customers what they are doing to help the environment.


Greenwashing, unfortunately, is prevalent in our world. It is vital that organisations can not only tell their customers and clients what they are doing, but they can show them.


Every decision we make has our users and our environment at its heart.


If you have any questions about these new changes, please reach out to us at



Let’s discuss protecting biodiversity in a bit more detail

This in itself is a huge addition to our current offerings.


Across our website you can find information on deforestation and extinction statistics.


When forests are cut down or burned, all of the stored CO2 goes straight back into our atmosphere. Essentially setting us back in our goals to tackle climate change.


Of course with deforestation comes loss of habitat. Loss of vital eco-systems that support the life on our planet.


Animals become displaced, homeless and without aid are facing a large depletion in numbers and even possible extinction.


We are at the beginning of an extinction crisis. Everything in our planet is perfectly balanced. Working in harmony.


Here’s a great example of that harmony at play;


You may be fearful of sharks. So the culling of them may seem to make little difference to you or our world.


However, without sharks, turtle’s aren’t forced to move from area to area. Which means they can graze uninterrupted, completing depleting areas of underwater plant life. Plant life that absorbs CO2.


Less CO2 being absorbed, more implications for our planet and human life.


And this is happening everywhere. In our forest, our deserts, our lakes.


So, if we can help to covenant our forests. To ensure their survival and the survival of those creatures that depend on our forests for life. That is a big win for all of us.


And costs as little as $3NZD, half of the price of your morning latte.


This feature will soon be up and running in our app very soon! Stay tuned.


Update your TreeTime App


To update your app to access these great new features, please update in the app store, or Google Play.


Alternatively, you can head straight to the web app now!


Not downloaded the TreeTime app yet? There’s no time to waste! Click on the above links to get started on your tree-planting-forest-protecting journey now!

Tree planting in New Zealand

Why is a tree planting app so important?

Why a tree planting app?


Why is having an app to plant trees so important?


Well, technology is everywhere. We live and breathe it.


At this point in time, the most environmental action is being driven by millennials, followed closely by Gen Z’s. Don’t worry Gen X’s, you actually aren’t too far behind either!


These are the generations with the most technological advancement. Which is why it is important we consider environmental action and technology as one.


We have patented drone software that works in conjunction with our app, sending you your Unique BarkCodes, coordinates and photos.


This all allows you to feel more connected to the cause and to your good deed.


In our opinion, the good feelings shouldn’t end straight after donation. You should feel good for years to come. Because after all, that tree will be standing for hundreds, possibly even thousands of years.


You should also know your tree hasn’t been cut down. Not all trees donated (by other companies) stand forever, be sure to look into that should you decide on another tree planting organisation!


We will continue to make this a fun and engaging experience for everyone!

tree planting app


We hope you love the new changes!


Check it out now by heading to the web app!


Or download or update in the app store, or Google Play.


Drop us a message to if you have any questions about the update!

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