Introducing the TreeTime App Team

TreeTime Team

Introducing the TreeTime App Team

We’re anything but a faceless charity, TreeTime is backed by a team of motivated and driven individuals, on a mission to combat climate change. Leaving behind a powerful and life changing legacy for generations to come.


As we say this, we’re also just a normal bunch of people. We love to quote HIMYM, impersonate Rob Brydon impersonating famous people, and play Pitbull every Friday afternoon… without fail. 


So to find out a little more about who we are, keep on reading…


Introducing Nick

Kia Ora koutou,


To fully explain the TreeTime story, we have to start from the present time and then work our way back to the beginning. We’ll then momentarily return to the present, and then go back to view the journey from different characters’ perspectives. Oh wait, Danni asked me to keep this to 500 words… Okay scratch that.


To summarise, I’m Nick, the founder of TreeTime. I love trees, but not in a weird way.


I conceptualised TreeTime in late 2019 during the disastrous Australian wildfires across the tasman sea that season. Like many people, I felt frustrated, powerless and overwhelmed by the magnitude of anthropogenic climate change. Cue the ‘this is fine’ meme.


At the time, I thought to myself “there has to be any easy way to make a tangible, measurable difference.” This was the rationale for TreeTime.


TreeTime is essentially an extension of yourself; a platform for you to plant trees with certainty. Without your donation, the tree would not be planted. We utilise our novel drone software to assure you of the uniqueness of your tree.

So then, a bit more about me.

I grew up in Aotearoa, dividing my time between family in Auckland and Queenstown. I was lucky to grow up with seven siblings. We spent much of our childhood outdoors.


Whether it was creating treehouses in the Coromandel bush. Or, waking up at 5am to catch to fresh tracks on the ski field.


Like many kiwis, the unparalleled and unique natural beauty of New Zealand holds a special place in my heart. It’s a great privilege to work every day in pursuit of restoring some of the lost beauty in this country. Via reforestation.


I studied law and arts (majoring in history) at the University of Auckland. Then going on to start my career in the practice of insolvency and commercial litigation. I worked with a great team, and hope to return to practice one day. But we have a lot of trees to plant first!


In terms of hobbies, I’ll happily play any sport. Some people say I’m too competitive, but they’re just sore losers. Just kidding! Favourites would be cricket, basketball and skiing. I’m a blackcaps fanatic. Don’t ask me about the 2019 world cup final, I’m still not ready to talk about it!


You’ll also find me traveling and experiencing new cultures (while offsetting my flight’s carbon of course!). The top countries I’d love to visit next are Morocco, Japan and Greece/Turkey.


I have two fur babies, Casper and Jasper. They are complete idiots, but I love them. They say all cats land on their feet. But watch Casper run around for 5 minutes and you’ll be disabused of that notion!

Nick snowskiing

Skiing in Big White, British Columbia, CA

Casper and Jasper Cats

Casper and Jasper <3

A few questions for Nick...

Favourite superhero: Iron Man (RIP). Who wouldn’t want to be a billionaire, genius, playboy philanthropist?


Funny childhood story: Hmm. When I was around 7 years old, a friend and I were signed up to race in the Weetbix triathlon.


On the Saturday morning were delayed for some reason, it may have been a problem with my friend’s parents car. Anyway, sufficed to say we arrived late and the race was already well underway.


My friends mum must have felt bad. As she told us to jump the fence and start the race a few hundred metres in. The problem was she directed us to the wrong part of the course. And we ended up running a few hundred metres to win the triathlon. This resulted in thunderous applause, confetti, and a radio interview on the spot.


Of course we rectified the situation But I remember feeling super embarrassed, and over 20 years on still cringe thinking about it!


What I wanted to be when I grew up: See the end of answer one.


Pets: Two cats – Casper and Jasper.


Favourite TV Show: Rake. Objectively, Breaking Bad is best show I’ve ever seen.


Party trick: I’m really good at singing James Blunt.


Something most people don’t know about me: I can play the trumpet (I’m using the word ‘play’ loosely here).


Where I grew up: Auckland/Queenstown.


A fond memory: The Blackcaps winning the inaugural test championship earlier this year.

Nick in a tree

At the very beginning of the TreeTime journey!

Nicks family

Mount Creighton track, near Queenstown with the family!

Introducing Danni, Marketing lead from TreeTime

Hello to our lovely TreeTime supporters!


So, a little about me I guess… Well, my name is Danni, I’m British, 30, recently married and the Marketing Lead for TreeTime.


I came on board with TreeTime last November and it’s been a crazy ride ever since! It has been my goal for some time to join a non-profit company. Where I feel my time is being spent benefiting the planet!


So, I feel incredibly lucky to be spending my days working towards such a positive end. To tackle some of the biggest climate issues facing humanity and all living beings.


My interest into environmentalism came to light back in 2016 after a trip to Hawaii. Where a good marine biologist friend of mine introduced me to the wonders of the world below the waves.


Living in Sydney, Australia at the time, I soon became a pretty avid freediver. Spurred on by the likes of Youngblood Spearfishing and other amazing individuals, such as, Julia Wheeler, Madison Stewart and Valerie Taylor.

Seriously, check these guys out, they do amazing work for our oceans.

This was a very steep and very quick learning curve.


I couldn’t believe the state of our oceans (and entire planet) were in. I had been living pretty blissfully unaware up until this point.


So, I attended beach clean-ups, became vegetarian, dived as often as I could and ditched plastic (to a certain degree).


That’s not to say I’ve been perfect with it all, living ethically and sustainably in our society is difficult. I’ve certainly fell off the wagon more times than I can count. So, please don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re facing the same struggles!


Before moving to Australia, my background was in Fashion Design, which I studied at the University of Central Lancashire.


I went on to become a Fashion Designer for one of the UK’s most popular retail outlets. I’ll always love design and fashion, but I’m glad I’ve moved my skills into a different area!


Outside of this, I’ve always loved travelling. I love a good hike. And whenever I see water, no matter how cold, I have to get in it. I also like doing yoga, and I love a good market! But let’s be honest, I also love being a potato and watching Netflix. And much to the dismay of others, Love Island, and I’m not sorry!


I think on that note, I think I’ll stop there! I hope you’ve enjoyed this small peek into my world! x

Queenstown Mountains

In Queenstown on our honeymoon earlier this year

Cute Cockapoo Puppy

When my Mum’s dog had puppies!

A few questions for Danni...

Favourite superhero: Probably Deadpool, who doesn’t love Ryan Reynolds?


Funny childhood story: When I was about 9, I was at school one day and had decided I wanted to break up with my ‘boyfriend’. When my friend decided to tell the class my secret, and being in the middle of a clay making lesson, I reacted by launching a rolling pin at her head. Which bounced onto the window, nearly shattering it. Definitely not my proudest moment, and thankfully she was completely fine. But wow, apparently you don’t cross 9 year old Danni! Upon retelling, I’m not sure if this is funny or just evil!


What I wanted to be when I grew up: A vet! Until my Dad told me I’d have to help cows give birth, I then decided on a different career path.


Pets: A 9 year old rescue cat called Slinky <3


Favourite TV Show: Gavin & Stacey!


Party trick: I really don’t think I have one! On occasion I get pretty good at beer pong, but the ability never sticks around for too long.


Something most people don’t know about me: I used to Waterski competitively!


Where I grew up: Nottinghamshire, UK


A fond memory: Swimming with Whale Sharks in Ningaloo Reef was an incredible experience.


Kayaking with friends in Mission Bay, Auckland

Kayaking at Mission Bay, Auckland

Ben nevis Climb

Embarking on the Ben Nevis climb – aka the worst day of my life

Introducing Pierce - TreeTime Front-End Developer!

Hey everyone, my name is Pierce. I’m 25 and was born and bred right here in beautiful Aotearoa. I am currently a Front-End Developer at TreeTime.


I joined TreeTime in early March of this year, brought to spice things up to the website! It has been an enjoyable time, in my short time with the team.


Little bit about my background, I studied Computer and Informational Sciences at Auckland University of Technology.

From there I was able to use my knowledge and apply it to one of the largest EFTPOS providers in New Zealand, where I managed a team of developers that worked on their customer user interface.

Before Joining TreeTime

Before Joining TreeTime I was a freelance developer working on various sites for different clients. In which I loved doing, as it was a different challenge almost everyday and that’s what I love. I love a good challenge.


However part of me wanted to do something more. Having lived in the country for the majority of my studies, I fell in love with nature and everything it has to offer.


Love to travel. I remember going on a family trip to Fiji for my uncles birthday. In where we went scuba diving off the coast of Savusavu. We had gone there previously five years ago and the amount of difference was very obvious to see.


The reef that was once full of life, had a coat of beige over it. This outlined (well to me at least) how much our planet is in dire need of help. Having the opportunity to contribute towards something with the end goal of helping our planet. Is something I feel very privileged to be in.


Work aside, I’m a loud and proud Miami Heat fan through and through. Currently playing in a social basketball league in Onehunga. An avid Marvel fan and if I miss an episode/movie, I am utterly filthy with myself.


Anyway that’s me, Pierce, remember the name =)

Pierce TreeTime Front End Developer

Sunrise at Mount Manganui


The beautiful view at my Grandparents house in SavuSavu, Fiji

A few questions for Pierce...

Where I grew up: Mount Roskill, Auckland, New Zealand


Favourite Superhero: I wish it was Loki. I mean think about it… he did all those bad things out of spite for his brother becoming the “chosen one”. If Loki had the approval from his father like Thor did. Loki would have turned out to be one of, if not, the strongest superhero out there. With his outstanding strategy knowledge leading Asgard to its heights once more.


But that didn’t happen, that’s why my favourite is Thor. 😛


Funny childhood story: I remember in my year 10 school cross country, I was leading the pack by a fair distance. Thinking I was safe from being overtaken. Anyway time goes by and there’s a part where the rest of the school is waiting around and I run by. Celebrating with arms in the air, even though there was one lap to go. Further down the track I take a wrong turn unknowingly. Only to realise my mistake 200 or so meters down the track. So, I run back to get on the correct course, to find that I was second to last…


Moral of the story, stay humble.


What I wanted to be when I grew up: An Architect, that was until I got into a heated argument with my design teacher, and dropped it completely.


Pets: A 3 year old miniature border-collie named Minnie. And a 7 year old cat named Oreo, who is the most clingiest cat you’ll ever meet.


Favourite TV Show: Schitts Creek by a landslide, I haven’t laughed/cried that much over a TV show, ever.


Party Trick: Pretty good at doing air push ups if you wanna call that a party trick


Something most people don’t know about me: When I wash my hands, I wash them one at a time

Family Christmas at the Brittions!

Family Christmas at the Millers!

New Zealand Farm

Sunrise at my parents farm

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