Daily Posts for April 15, 2021

Treetime office


More information: I’m not sure the origin of this technique, but it’s basically an extension of the Phark technique. Instead of bumping text off the screen you are bumping an image off the screen. This has the distinct advantage of still showing an image when CSS is OFF and images are ON, and also has ALT text for 508 compliance. This technique still fails with CSS ON / Images OFF. I give credit to Volkan Görgülü for pointing out this is the technique that Smashing Magazine is using in their header. One concern over this technique is whether or not it is effective SEO, specifically, if ALT text is just as good as regular web text. An extension of this technique would be to include regular web text inside the anchor link as well. Both the text and the image would get bumped off the page with the text-indent and it would aliveate the SEO concerns, but then you’d get “double text” with both images OFF and CSS OFF.

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