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Plant a Tree in New Zealand, Track your Carbon

For a donation the equivalent price of two coffees, TreeTime will professionally plant and manage a tree on your behalf, letting you track the tree's journey from seed to tree through the app. See your impact on mitigating climate change with regular photos of your trees and CO2 sequestration statistics updated daily.


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TreeTime is a non-profit organisation based on transparency. With photos and the location of your trees, as well as published financial accounts, you have assurance that your contribution has been made in line with TreeTime’s goals.


When you donate with TreeTime, you can see that your contribution has resulted in an additional tree with our patented BarkCode software. Feel good knowing your donation is making a difference.

Dynamic CO2 Stats

The cumulative CO2 sequestered by your trees will update on your app daily. You can compare your total CO2 sequestered with everyday activities, such as transport, food and even a trip to space!

Protected Trees

Rest easy knowing your trees are permanently planted with strong legal protection in New Zealand. Mild climate conditions in the area reduce any adverse weather-related risk to your trees.

Patented Drone Software

View Your Tree

TreeTime's drones will survey our forests biannually, and using our patented drone software will relay photos of your exact tree directly to your app profile.

Exact Planting Coordinates

Once your tree has been planted in the ground, we will provide you the exact planting coordinates to within a 10m2 accuracy.

TreeTime Interactive

Compare CO2 Stats

The total CO2 sequestered by your trees is updated daily, which you can compare against your everyday activities

Trophies and Leaderboard

Unlock Trophies for Planting Trees, Sequestering CO2 and more. Feature on TreeTime's Community Leaderboard

Share to Social Media

Share your Tree Planting Achievements with Friends and Family on Social Media