Planting With Certainty

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Transparent By Nature


TreeTime is a non-profit tree planting organisation based on transparency. With photos and the location of your tree(s), as well as published financial accounts, you have assurance that your contribution has been made in line with TreeTime’s goals

Protected Trees

Rest easy knowing your trees are permanently planted with strong legal protection in New Zealand. Mild climate conditions in the area reduce any adverse weather-related risk to your trees

Right tree, Right place

Our trees have been chosen in consultation with local ecologists to ensure they are conducive to the area and promote biodiversity

Plant From Anywhere

There is one Earth and one Atmosphere; a tree planted in New Zealand will contribute to the global effort to mitigate atmospheric carbon

Restoring Our Unique Biodiversity

New Zealand's forests...

NZ's Cover of native forest has dropped from 80% to 25% in the last 700 years

...and species...

Over 75 animal and plant species have become extinct since humans arrived in New Zealand

...are under threat

Almost 4,000 of New Zealand's native species are currently threatened with risk of extinction

Below are a few native species you will be supporting...

Patented Drone Software


When you donate with TreeTime, you can see that your contribution has resulted in an additional tree with our patented BarkCode software. Feel good knowing your donation is making a difference

View Your Tree

TreeTime's drones will survey our forests biannually, and using our patented drone software will relay photos of your exact tree directly to your app profile

Exact Planting Coordinates

Once your tree has been planted in the ground, we will provide you the exact planting coordinates to within a 10m2 accuracy

Interactive Map

Zoom in on our interactive map to see your tree in action. Feature coming soon!

"Two reforestation non-profits stand-out right now: TreeTime and Rainforest Alliance. TreeTime is an app-based, New Zealand reforestation non-profit setting numerous bars."

TreeTime Interactive

Compare CO2 Stats

The total CO2 sequestered by your trees is updated daily, which you can compare against your everyday activities

Say 'I Love You' with a tree

A perfect and sustainable gift for friends or family, or just a nice way to surprise a friend/family member/colleague

Competitive Leaderboard

Unlock trophies for planting trees, sequestering CO2, while making your way up and featuring on TreeTime's community leaderboard. Trophies coming soon!

Share To Social Media

Share your tree planting achievements with friends and family on social media

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